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Day Care


Type of Pet

Jordy, Shihtzu Renny poodle

Expert Pet Grooming and Add-On Services

Your furry friend deserves the best care. Makin' Tracks offers state-of-the-art clipper-vac grooming services and Tropiclean spa treatment shampoos.

Optional flea bath and de-skunk services can be added to any grooming or styling services. The cost of both services varies by pet size. Flea bath add-on is $10 - $20, and de-skunk add-on ranges from $15 - $25.

Boarding & Daycare

Our facility has an enchanting country setting in the foothills of the scenic Laurel Mountains. We offer 40 suites(4x14) each with its own enclosed heated outdoor run. All suites contain clean water and food dishes plus a cot for relaxing. Suites are large enough for dog families of 2 or 3, depending on size. All dogs will be given a "free run" time in our large play-yard several times a day. Dogs are fed according to your specifications. We serve premium dog food. You are also able to supply your own food if you desire.


Boarding drop off from 7a-12p and 5p-8p each day. Your choice of two pick up times on day of return are from 7a-12p and from 5p-8pm.  Daycare hours start at 7am daily. All by appointment.

Your pets will always look their best

Take control of fleas

Perfectly groomed pets

No more skunk smell


Professional Grooming & Styling

Vacation Extras

A chow chow being groomed pawbreak pawbreak

Small Dogs Under 25lbs.

Mid Sized Dogs 25-50lbs.

Large Dogs over 50lbs.













Small Dogs Under 20lbs.

Mid Sized Dogs 21-49lbs.

Standard Poodle

Large Dogs 50-90lbs.

X-Large Dogs over 90lbs.


$40 and up

$45 and up

$60 and up

$55 and up

$65 and up

$60 and up

$30 and up

$35 and up

$40 and up

$40 and up

$50 and up

$40 and up

We offer state-of-the-art clipper-vac grooming & Tropiclean Spa Treatment shampoos.


Please note that optional Flea bath and De-Skunk services can be added to any grooming/styling services. The cost of both services are dependent on the size of your pet.

  • Flea Bath - Add $10-20 depending on size.

  • De-Skunk - Add $15-25 depending on size.

The following extras can be added to your pets treatment while at Makin' Tracks Pet Stop.


  • Photography: Have your pet's photo taken after a nice groom or during a hotel stay. See our samples on our gallery page.

  • Field Trips: A relaxing walk around our six wooded acres. Depending on your wishes, we will walk your best friend alone or with other vacationers!

  • Body Massage: Don't they deserve some pampering too? 15 minute massages relax hyper-active pets, and relieve the pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Pedicure

  • Anal Expression

20 minute one-on-one walk

20 minute group walk

15 minute body massage

Teeth Brushing

Pedicure (Optional: Polish)  


Spa Packages

Anal Expression







Prices vary